Welcome to the most colorful world of stamping accessories by B. Loves Plates! ❤ PL: Aby przejść do polskiej strony zmień język.


How to STAMP?


  1. Start with pick the image from the stamping plate (sometimes it's not so easy!) and clean it with remower - you will prepare it for stamping remove any dust or dirt from plate.
  2. Apply a stamping polish on the chosen pattern on the plate - generally you can put a polish only on half of image.
  3. Gently drag the scraper at the angle of 45° so the stamping polish is all over the image. Don't press the scraper to much because you can take off too much stamping polish from the plate.
  4. Stamp your image - I know that it's like a pure magic but don't worry, you can do it, it's so easy! Doing a rolling movement (from one side to the other) pick up the image using stamper. Remember that you don't need to use so much force to it (you can smear the image if you do it) - you just need to do it quickly and gently and everything will stamp perfectly!
  5. Quckly stamp the image on your nail - you can do it on many different ways. You can use a rolling movement or from the top directly on the nail. You just need to practise a bit and find your favourite way.
  6. Clean up your cuticles from the rest of image with cotton balls, brush and nail polish remover.
  7. Use your favourite top coat on the whole nail (classic or gel) - remember to be gently and don't smear the image with the brush.
  8. Wait until your nails are dry and admire your nail art creation!


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