Welcome to the most colorful world of stamping accessories by B. Loves Plates! ❤ PL: Aby przejść do polskiej strony zmień język.


Welcome to the most colorful world of stamping accessories by B. Loves Plates ❤

B. Loves Plates brand was founded in 2014 and made by Anna - blogger, nail polish addicted and so positive and colorful girl! Company was made with passion and love for stamping and nail art!

From the begining our main goal was to create products only with the best quality and those which only bring joy and pleasure from stamping method. We try to share this passion for stamping all over the world! Be ready for the best stamping adventure ever! ❤

B. Loves Plates is a brand which conect love for beautiful nails and unique designs. We are a professionals and we try to treat every Customer with love and care. We want to share the passion for stamping with everyone who would like to start making stamping nails.

Stamping is an innovative method for nail art when you use a special metal stamping plates with images, stamper and special stamping polishes. In this method you can easly and quickly create beautiful art on your nails and what is mostly important - it's a really nice pleasant and creative way for nail art in your home! You don't need to spend so many time making freehand nail art - now you can make it in few minutes with stamping accessories from B. Loves Plates!

Our Team:

Anna - founder, owner of the brand, Dream Creator
She create, think, test, check and dream!

Jasiu - co-owner, Time Manager
He calls, plan, do and make everything perfect to the end!

Our products goes to over 57 countries in the world! Even to French Guiana, Oamn, Australia, Japan and even Mauritius!

List of countries with our products:

  • Europe: 
  • North America: 
  • South America:
  • Asia:
  • Africa:
  • Australia and Oceania: 


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